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Be amoungst the first in Australia to integrate your Daikin system with your smart thermostat of choice.


Our kit includes:

1 x EZLink interface module - where all the magic happens!

1 x interface to A/C cable - white cable as outlined in installation manual


Integrate your unit straight away by adding these optional extras to your order:

1. IEC cable - provides power to the EZLink module.

2. CAT5e cable - wiring required to connect your desired smart thermostat to your A/C indoor unit (wired in the T568A wiring standard). 

NOTE: Optional extras above are required for every installation, however can be purchased elsewhere or be provided by your installation technician. 

Daikin EZLink

SKU: EZL324546
  • Get integrated today!

    The EZLink kit is designed to work with any smart thermostat.

    Below is a list of compatible Daikin indoor unit model numbers. This list is not exhaustive. If you do not see your indoor unit model number listed below, please contact us to confirm compatibility.


    • FDYQ71-160LBV1
    • FDYQ140-250LCV1
    • FDYQ(N)71-160LAV1
    • FDYQ(N)71-250LBV1
    • FXMQ20-140PVE
    • FSXQ20-140PVE
    • FDYQ(N)100-160KAV1 (3PRH + KRP adapter required)
    • FDYQ180-250MV1 (3PRH needed)
    • FDY71-160LV1 (3PRH + KRP adapter required)
    • FDYP71-145DLV1 (3PRH + KRP adapter Required)


    NOTE: FDYQ(N)71-160LAV1 = ALL models ranging from N71-N160 & 71-160 inclusive e.g. FDYQ71LAV1, FDYQN71LAV1, FDYQ100LAV1, FDYQN100LAV1, FDYQ125LAV1, FDYQN125LAV1, FDYQ140LAV1, FDYQN140LAV1, FDYQ160LAV1 & FDYQN160LAV1 etc

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