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  • What exactly is your EZLink product?
    Our product is a THIRD device that will be used in conjunction with your smart thermostat and air conditioning system. The smart thermostats and Australian reverse cycle A/C systems 'speak a different language', hence why they are not as easily compatible as the American A/C units. Our integration board can be described as a 'translator' that allows the smart thermostat to talk to the Australian A/C system and vice-versa.
  • Do I need to retain the original A/C controller?
    Yes, the original A/C controller is still required for servicing and warranty of your air conditioning system. We recommend to relocate these controllers to an inconspicuous location in the home (such as a cupboard, garage or even in the roof cavity), therefore it is available for your HVAC service technicians. It does not need to be used for any other purposes.
  • Can I purchase a smart thermostat with my EZLink?
    Unfortunately not. We do not yet have any deals with Nest, Ecobee etc and therefore it is more cost effective for you to purchase the smart thermostats directly from a third party.
  • Will it work with my A/C?
    It really depends on the make and model of your A/C unit. We currenty have EZLinks available for: - Daikin SkyAir ducted systems - Fujitsu ducted systems - hydronic gas boilers We can also provide support and any additional modules required for integrating Brivis gas and add-on-cooling systems. We are currently working on other major brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Actron, Panasonic and Toshiba and expect these to be available shortly. Smart thermostats are not compatible with evaporative cooler systems at this time. Please contact our team with the make and model of your AC system for compatibility enquiries.
  • I have a ducted gas heater and evaporative cooler system. Can I control both via the same smart thermostat?
    Unfortunately no... Not yet, anyway. Smart thermostats don't support evaporative coolers, as there is no simple way to control fan speeds. We can provide solutions for your ducted gas heater.
  • I Have Zoning, Will this work?"
    Yes and no, unfortunatly, most smart thermostats dont support turning on and off zones from one controller. There are a few ways around this. 1. with the purchase of one our "multi-link" devices, we can install 1x smart thermostat per zone allowing temperature controll of each zone independantly. (only one multi-link will need to be purchased) 2. if you have a third party zoning system (not connected directly to your A/C controller) you can just replace the propriatry a/c controller with your smart thermostat and retain your zoning setup Please see our Zonig wiring diagram for more information. For more information of your zoning options, please dont hesitate to contact us.
  • Can I install the EZLink myself, or do I need a licenced technician?"
    As you will come across high voltage wiring, we highly recommend installation is to be performed by a licenced electrician or refrigeration mechanic.
  • Help! I can't locate an installer in my area
    We are currently seting up a network of installers throughout Australia. We have developed a simple installation procedure, coupled with an easy to follow instruction manual. Most competent electricians or refrigeration mechanics will possess the skills required to install the EZLink. If your installer is unsure how to install our EZLink interface, we can provide support for no additional cost. If your unit is already capable to install a smart thermostat (does not require the EZLink), we can provide support to your installer for a small consultaion fee. If you are an installer and want to be a part of the EZLink network, please contact our team!
  • Do I have to install any additional wiring?
    Yes, our online store has optional purchases (add-ons) for all required cabling for your installation. The cabling is also available for purchase elsewhere or can be provided by your installing technicians. We recommend using licenced electrician to install your EZLink. For more information on cabling required for installation, please see our installation manual.
  • I have received a faulty item
    We are sincerely sorry that you have received a faulty item. We have strict measures in place to ensure this is not a common occurance, however sometimes it can happen! So that we can rectify this as soon as possible, please contact our team via email at and include the following information: - Your name - Your contact details (phone number and email) - Order number - Product name/code - Description of fault - Photo of the fault
  • I have purchased the incorrect item/have changed my mind
    We are able to offer refunds for products that are returned within 30 calendar days of purchase. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused in original packaging and in the same condition that you received it. Please email to request a return.


Thank you! An EZLink team member will be in contact shortly.

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